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The Next Era in Video Meetings: Embracing Multicamera Conferencing Technology

Some jackwad who clearly doesn't understand the importance of structured cabling stands in front of a bunch of yellow fiber optic cables that look like a rats nest.

Most businesses didn’t gracefully enter the era of video meetings. In fact, most of us were shoved. Suddenly, pajamas became the new power suits, and meetings were derailed by unexpected cameos from kids and pets. 


However, as more businesses began adopting hybrid work, our video conferencing needs (and approach) began to change. We needed to put on real pants again and invest in hardware that makes meetings engaging for both in-person employees and remote ones.  

We needed multicamera conferencing. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Do we really need more cameras for our video conferencing solution?” If you’ve got a hybrid team, the answer’s yes, and we will show you why.


Multicamera Conferencing is Extra Engaging

Say goodbye to those monotonous, one-dimensional meetings that feel like a late-night infomercial. With multicamera video conferencing solutions, you can keep your team and your clients engaged by switching up the view, which adds visual interest and makes the whole experience more immersive.

It’ll feel like a movie, only with spreadsheets and pie charts instead of car chases and explosions. Or dramatic accusations and country balls if you’re more of a Bridgerton fan.


Multicamera Conferencing Makes Remote Team Members Feel Included

When you’re stuck in a single-camera view, it can be anxiety-inducing. After all, you’ve got a screen full of faces staring at you even when you’re not the one presenting. It’s like a drearier, more corporate version of the Brady Bunch introduction.  

A multicamera conferencing solution allows remote attendees to see more than just a sea of faces. It can switch between a whiteboard or a different corner of the room, bringing hybrid meetings to life. And that’s what many of them want!  

In a 2023 survey, over 30 percent of workers wanted video conferencing solutions to replicate the human meeting experience better, and what better way to start than giving them the ability to “turn their heads” or “look around the room” with multicamera conferencing?


Multicamera Conferencing Is More Cost-Effective Than You Think

Purchasing additional cameras from a provider like Electromedia probably sounds expensive. Maybe even like a luxury. But investing in them now can save you money in the long run since they:

  • Reduce the need for expensive AV equipment rentals.  

  • Don’t need A/V technicians or production crews to set them up.  

  • Reduce travel costs (hotels, food, flights) and event planning expenses (venue rentals, catering) by hosting conferences and meetings virtually.

And we all know how quickly traveling and event planning bills can add up. In fact, Verizon found that a typical meeting employees must travel to costs over $5,000 and drains over 50 hours (about two days) of employee time on average.

Multicamera conferencing lowers those numbers quite a bit.


Multicamera Conferencing is Easy to Scale 

Small meeting? Medium-sized meeting? Super-sized meeting with a side of fries? No problem. Multicamera video conferencing solutions can accommodate all kinds of audience sizes and venue requirements.

With a few well-placed webcams, you can:

  • Make sure every participant is seen and heard clearly in the boardroom.  

  • Schedule a company-wide meeting without hunting for a meeting space that’s big enough to fit everyone.

  • Bring training to life by providing a clear view of your instructor, the subject matter, and any hands-on demonstrations.

  • Host a webinar or tradeshow that captures every speaker, panelist, and presentation for every in-person and virtual attendee.

Honestly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to multicamera technology! And with providers like us, you can always find the perfect fit for your needs – even if you aren’t sure what they are just yet.

DID YOU KNOW? Over 60 percent of businesses installed new A/V equipment in meeting rooms specifically to make hybrid meetings more effective.  


Multicamera Conferencing Gives Video Conferencing a More Professional Edge

Have you ever been a part of a video conference where the participants look (and sound) like they’re broadcasting from an underground bunker? We have, and it’s a little unnerving. Especially when they suddenly go offline.

Your meeting experiences tell clients a lot about your company – whether it’s true or not. Instead of presenting pixelated images and one-shot wonders, picture this: smooth transitions between camera angles, better lighting, and crystal-clear audio. That’s what multicamera conferencing can do for you. It helps you create a polished and well-produced meeting environment that shows you’re a respectable and trustworthy provider.


Multicamera Conferencing Improves Your Nonverbal Communication Skills

Picture it– you’re in a meeting, and your boss just made a statement that could be interpreted in a wide variety of ways. You find yourself performing Olympic levels of mental gymnastics to figure out what they mean. Was it a joke? A serious suggestion? You don’t have a clue. And why would you? We’re not mind readers - unless you’re secretly Professor X, in which case, you’re excused - we need nonverbal cues!

With multicamera conferencing, you can catch all the subtleties you missed before, like knowing smiles, subtle nods, or eyebrow raises. It gives you the whole picture, quite literally, allowing you to interpret and act accordingly.

Multiple camera angles also allow you to adjust your presentation on the fly if you're presenting. After all, if Bob from sales has furrowed brows and crossed arms, you might need to explain your thought process a little more.

Embrace the Advantages of Multicamera Conferencing with Electromedia!

And no, we’re not talking about doing it yourself as we watch. We’re talking about hands-on support from start to finish. Our team at Electromedia works with you to design the perfect video conferencing solution for your business – whether you need two cameras or twenty – that won’t bust your budget. 

Plus, our solutions are always simple to adopt, use, and support, so anyone from your team can upgrade with ease. Want to see it for yourself? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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