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Structured Cabling Turns CAT6 Nightmares Into ASMR Masterpieces

Why Structured Cabling Is Important For Your Business:

As businesses rely more heavily on their networks for key tools like Voice, Presence, Data and Video, the infrastructure that supports these growing technologies needs to be scalable & manageable.


Structured Cabling represents a small percentage of your network investment, but it's responsible for nearly 80% of network efficiency. A well designed system is the framework any Data Network is built on.

The majority of data centers run at 10/100 Mbps Download/Upload speeds, which is very slow for the amount bandwidth hosted systems require. Lots of businesses we talk to are looking to upgrade their networks to a Gigabit network or more!

ElectroMedia's RCDD certified system engineers specialize in designing systems for Cat6 & Cat6a, Coax for Gigabit Ethernet, Audio \ Video systems, Data Centers, CATV, CCTV, Security & Signage. All of our installers are BISCI certified & adhere to all BICSI best practices & standards.

Satisfying Purple Structured Cabling


Even though cables & wires are generally out of sight, structured cabling provides crucial benefits to businesses & data centers. Without a well designed, modular system, your network is at risk of failure if anything goes wrong. Some of the benefits of structured cabling include:

Bokeh fiber optic network

Fiber Optics

ElectroMedia uses only the highest quality fusion splicing equipment, operated by highly-trained technicians, for a trouble-free fiber optic network.

Let us help you with:

  • Troubleshooting

  • New Installations

  • Repair fiber optic systems

  • 1310/1550 bi-directional O.T.D.R. testing

3D render of a multi-strand fober optic cable

A Smart Investment

Why ElectroMedia?

Having an organized Data Network is the heart of optimizing your business's communication systems. Our structured cabling has a high level of flexibility, easily accommodating new adds, moves, or changes quickly.

If you're looking to increase your system performance, decrease downtime & reduce overhead, ElectroMedia's RCDD Certified System Designers can do that.

Make sure your business gets the improved performance it needs, because greater efficiency means greater profit.

ElectroMedia: The right choice for your business network

  • Analysis & troubleshooting

  • Future Proof System Design

  • VoIP Cabling

  • Low Voltage Wiring

  • Coax Copper Cable

  • Telephone Cabling

  • LAN & WAN Systems

  • Paging Systems

  • Server Racks

  • Patch Panel Termination

  • Wireless LAN solutions

  • Fiber Optic & Cat6,

  • Gigabit Cat6a & Coax Ethernet

  • Audio / Video Systems

  • Data Networking

  • CATV & CCTV Systems

  • Security & Access

  • BISCI certified installers

  • TIA/EIA 606 standards followed

  • 25 Year Cabling Warranty

A black IT Network Technician stands in front of racks of servers and wires

Trust the Experts

We offer a free network infrastructure assessment. We will survey and map out all your cabling connectivity as well as network components like WiFi access points, switches and routers. From this point, we can help you design the network that best serves you and your customers.

A darkened server room illuminated by red and blue lights
Let's Get Started.

Talk to a RCDD* certified system designer today & learn how ElectroMedia can help untangle the network issues that have the IT guys tied up in knots.

What does RCDD stand for? Really  Cool Data Dude.


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