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UCaaS in The Cloud

Cloud Hosted Systems: Keep the Network, Lose the Wires.

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Cloud Hosted?

Whether you call it remote-based, internet-based or hosted, with a cloud-based phone system, everything but the phone on your desk is located off-site. Electromedia can provide all the advantages of a cloud-based system, while having the comfort and convenience of local support.

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A hosted phone system works just like a traditional Phone system, but without all the bulky on-site PBX equipment. All you need to make it work is an internet connection and a compatible phone.

A Phone System

In the Cloud?

A smiling black woman wearing a denim shirt talks to a customer on her cell phone.

Unified Communications as a Service is the seamless integration of Voice, Presence, Chat, Data & Apps that improves your communication processes and productivity. All in one convenient, easy to use tool

Ok, But What is UCaaS?

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But is it Reliable?

A hosted phone system means that if there is an outage in your local network, your business remains unaffected. Our Hosted PBX & VoIP Systems are built on a geo-redundant network that backs up your data for rapid recovery.

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Virtual Operator

& Mobile VoIP

You need a reliable, high-quality phone system that works. Our system adapts and adjusts to your needs, seamlessly working the way you do. That means you can stay focused on your business, not focused on your communications platform.

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Unified Communications are the seamless integrations of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies that help drastically improve your communication and business productivity.

Unified Communications

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MidWest Dial Tone

MidWest Dial Tone has been serving the technology needs of Michigan & Indiana since 2010. Our expertise in the fields of networking, servers, firewalls & communications separates us from our competitors. There is never any finger pointing since we manage all aspects of our client’s needs and troubleshoot end to end.

Sister Companies.
One Family.

• What does MDT do?

MidWest Dial Tone is our solution for providing reliable & FAST cloud hosted VoIP phone communications.

• Doesn't ElectroMedia do that?

Providing dial tone / VoIP service is so important to us, we felt it needed to be handled by its own company. 

• How do they work together?

Our Companies work hand in glove to give you the best possible service. While they're not the same, by working with one company, you get the best of both worlds in terms of service, quality and savings.

The Mission of
MidWest Dial Tone

Midwest Dial Tone provides a feature-rich digital PBX platform that improves your communications & streamlines your business processes. This advanced platform creates explosive growth through a proven business model and high value service.


Our 24/7 routine maintenance & 3-Hour Emergency Response Time means you never feel like you're on your own. There is never any finger pointing, because we manage every aspect of our client’s needs and troubleshoot end to end. Experience the explosive growth that comes from a cloud service platform that allows businesses like yours to utilize high-value software and services like Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and much more. 

What you get:

• Low Up-Front Cost

• Seamless Integration

Always Up-to-Date

Virtual Auto Attendant

Mobile Phone Extension

Flexible Scalability

Cheaper than Landline

Web Management

Voicemail to Text

Call Grouping

Call Park

Extension Dialing

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Let's Get Started.

Talk to a RCDD* certified system designer today & learn how ElectroMedia can help untangle the network issues that have the IT guys tied up in knots.

What does RCDD stand for? Really  Cool Data Dude.


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