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Structured Cabling For High Speed Data Transmission

Structured cabling gives you a streamlined, reliable, and modern system that gives you the functionality you need for today and the flexibility you need for the future.  

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Audio & Video System

Efficient Infrastructure – Seamless Transmission 

With an expertly installed structured cabling infrastructure you get a cost effective, unified system that provides a seamless flow of data transmission, regardless of the high demands it needs to meet.  

Organization & Simplification

Organized cables minimize cable clutter and chaos, reducing the risk of connectivity issues and signal interference.  

Quick Access & Repair

Unlike multiple wiring infrastructures, structured cabling allows quicker detection of cable issues, decreasing downtime. 

Future-Proof Technology

Structured cabling is designed for expansion and is the most efficient way to upgrade, letting you grow with technology. 

Custom Design 

A simplified infrastructure makes customization easier, and Installation faster without miles of wire getting in the way.  

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Eliminate The Headaches, Messy Wires & Frantic Trouble Shooting – There's A Better Way 

So many of the headaches and stress inducing parts of multiple wiring infrastructure disappear with the organization and control of structured cabling. Did you know that while structured cabling is only a small fraction of your network investment, it is responsible for 80% of your network efficiency. It’s time for a change!


Data Transmission At The Speed Of Light  

Fiber has been a growing cabling option for years because data is transmitted through light pulses along a fiber, making it the go-to option for high-speeds and more bandwidth. Trust your troubleshooting, new installation, repair, and testing to ElectroMedia’s trained technicians. We use only the highest quality fusion splicing equipment for a trouble-free fiber optic network that meets all your needs. 

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U.S households have access to fiber internet 


Data transfer rate (10 billion bits per second) 

62 Miles

Max distance range without signal repeaters 


More pulling tension than copper (200lb vs. 25lb)

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Why ElectroMedia
Over Everyone Else?

With ElectroMedia, we make sure you never feel alone with our service - we’re always available to help and our response times are industry leading. We’re the local all-in-one solutions provider you can always trust and count on. 

Made For You 

Designers and installers work with you to build a turn-key, tailored solution specifically for your needs.  

Made To Be Easy 

Our integrated technologies are made to simplify your life and streamline your business for success. 


Our all-in-one solution gives you the functionality you need! 

The Very Latest Technolgy 

Custom Tailored Solutions 

3hr Emergency Response     

24-hour Routine Services 

3 –hour emergency Response 

Competitive Pricing 


We Let Our Customers Speak For Our Work! 


"The difference with ElectroMedia is that they deliver exactly what they promise. I would recommend them without hesitation and we will continue to use them on all our projects." 

Julie Trethewey 

System Admin, OSMC 


"Their knowledge & expertise make them easy to work with & very responsive to our needs & issues. We would highly recommend ElectroMedia as a good business partner." 

Rob Cripe 

Vice President, TurtleTop 

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