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NaaS to Meet You

Lan & Wan Data Networks

Works of Art. And Wire.

Great Organizations Need Great Networks.

ElectroMedia has the credentials, capabilities and resources to design & build a network you'll love.

We listen to you, learning what your goals are and designing network solutions that focus on simplifying your data management.

Whether your business needs a basic network hub, or multiple high-speed data centers, ElectroMedia has got you covered. Our team of experienced Network Engineers will design and implement a future-ready network that leverages your existing assets.

Rely on ElectroMedia to build the next-gen data network of your dreams, delivering secure high-performance connectivity where you need it, how you want it & at a price point that won't break the bank.

Closeup view of a data rack and fiber optic cables.
A smiling system administrator looks intently into the camera.

Let Us Handle The Rest.

ElectroMedia offers data solutions that turn your network infrastructure into a forward compatible platform. We can make a simpler, more efficient next-generation network architecture into a reality.


Data Networks provide access to the applications that drive your organization. As the number of devices, operating systems, and users continues to grow, traditional network infrastructures can’t keep up. It's time to look ahead to a future-ready network that can stay ahead of those new demands. 

A Smart Investment

Why ElectroMedia?

Having an organized Data Network is the heart of optimizing your business's communication systems. Our structured cabling has a high level of flexibility, easily accommodating new adds, moves, or changes quickly.

If you're looking to increase your system performance, decrease downtime & reduce overhead, ElectroMedia's RCDD Certified System Designers can do that.

Make sure your business gets the improved performance it needs, because greater efficiency means greater profit.

ElectroMedia: The right choice for your business network

  • Analysis & troubleshooting

  • Future Proof System Design

  • VoIP Cabling

  • Low Voltage Wiring

  • Coax Copper Cable

  • Telephone Cabling

  • LAN & WAN Systems

  • Paging Systems

  • Server Racks

  • Patch Panel Termination

  • Wireless LAN solutions

  • Cat6 & Cat6a

  • Gigabit Cat6a & Coax Ethernet

  • Audio / Video Systems

  • Data Networking

  • CATV & CCTV Systems

  • Security & Access

  • BISCI certified installers

  • TIA/EIA 606 standards followed

  • 25 Year Cabling Warranty

Partitioning wall system used for network equipment

Let's Get Started.

Talk to a RCDD* certified system designer today & learn how ElectroMedia can help untangle the network issues that have the IT guys tied up in knots.

What does RCDD stand for? Really  Cool Data Dude.


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