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Security & Access Control

Peace of mind? Piece of cake.

What's Access Control & Why Do I Need It?

It's the most efficient way to control who has access to any building or room you designate. Anyone with the correct PIN Code or Access Token will have access to these areas. Doors can also be programed to unlock during office hours.


Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Tokens can be issued to allow access to controlled areas and are easily barred from the system if they are lost or stolen. 

Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed.

Mobile Door Access Woman
Two bluetooth locks on glass doors bar entry to a blurred out office.

Access Control

ElectroMedia's Certified System Designers & Techs will install & setup a security / surveillance system that's custom built to suit your needs. Once the installation is complete, we take the time to properly train you & your staff on how to use your new system.

Integrated Safety Features

• Video Management

Door access systems can be tied in to your video system automatically. Triggering one activates the other.

• Auto Lockdown Procedures

All doors can be controlled from a single login if needed. In the event of an emergency, you're in control.

• Call Police Automatically

Networked Access systems can be linked to your existing phones, alerting the police during a lockdown emergency.

touch screen interface for security console
a chrome entry keypad


• Flexible Control

• Variable Access Levels

• Networked Token Access

• Lock-down Control

• Multiple Door / User Levels

Tokens & Fobs

• Faster Door Access

• Granular Control

• Easy To Replace If Lost

• Variable Access Levels

• Simple Access Removal

Key Chain Fob
Paxton Fob Reader
Net2 Air Card
black paxton brand entry token

Let's Get Started.

Talk to one of ElectroMedia's Security & Access specialists to learn how Access Control improves Safety and drastically lowers the risk of theft.

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