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The Global Meeting Room: How Video Conferencing Transcends Distance

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Reaching out across time and space has never been easier in this age where a virtual meeting is commonplace. Globalized teams would only have existed in the capacity they do today with the inception of cloud communications technology. Employers also believe that virtual meetings boost employee productivity by 91 percent, a study by explains.

91 Percent of employers agree that video conferencing tools increase productivity

How Video Conferencing Works

Tech Target explains that video conferencing works by transmitting static images and text between two locations, and, at the sophisticated level, the transmission sends full-motion video and audio across multiple locations.

With 55 million meetings happening over a virtual meeting tool every week across the United States, Zippia notes that now more than ever, teams need to have a firm foundational understanding supporting their tech choices. As The Small Business Blog notes, the average small business executive spends 23 hours a week in meetings, showing that virtual meeting tools are crucial to business success top down.

55 Million Video Conferencing meetings each week

How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud storage empowers the technology behind virtual meetings by using a host of network servers to store data packets that can exceed the power of a physical hard drive. Consider a freight train. The individual box cars carry different loads of goods, and they link together to the train that pulls the whole freight link behind itself. The freight cars are similar in a sense to the server, which stores the individual data packets, and the train is like the cloud, pulling the many different packets of different data “cargo” along in one data storage and traffic continuum.

How Video Conferencing Transcends Distance

The technology behind video conferencing has existed for a while. Video conferencing is carrying video data over internet protocol, a term used to describe data transmission over a computer network. Tech Target explains that this conferencing simulates a face-to-face meeting by presenting a video visual feed over a broadband connection.

Video conferencing works across a variety of devices, including:

  • Laptops and other computers with built-in cameras

  • Smaller devices, such as smartphones, with camera access

  • Synchronized webcam and device pairings

  • Television monitors using a web camera and a broadband-compatible device. Some TVs, known as Smart TVs, are broadband compatible for their Wi-Fi interconnectivity capabilities.

  • Projector screens with connectivity to high-quality web camera technology are often set up in a designated auditorium and used at large corporate events.

Video conferencing has benefited multiple industries and even provided some business opportunities. Investopedia made note of the fact that some hotel services even host video conferencing rooms for this express purpose, allowing the hotel to have a notable position in the business operations of distributed teams when they come together for any hybrid virtual meeting, allowing both physical and virtual attendants to have equal opportunity to engage and present by being visibly present in the room.

Who Should Use Video Conferencing Tools?

While any business operation could benefit from the perks and powers of video conferencing, distributed teams benefit most from using these tools. This has had an almost mystifying impact on video conferencing tool users because the system works over a broadband connection and can transfer video feeds live even across vastly different time zones without much latency, the technical term for the delay of a digital feed.

Tools For Any Virtual Meeting

Video conferencing tools provide a convenient cadence for any virtual meeting. While the average remote or hybrid team may use these video conferencing tools to manage daily or weekly team touch-base meetings, consolidate goals, and discuss strategies, these tools can expand beyond that day-to-day purpose. Conferences and trade shows also use video conferencing to present keynotes at virtual meetings and to network with industry peers and industry leaders.

For Transcendental Communication, There’s ElectroMedia

For wherever life takes you next, across the world, video conferencing tools and features work together to empower your best virtual meeting possible. Achieve transcendental communication that floats through time and space and the cloud with ElectroMedia, the forefront of video conferencing technology. Contact us today to learn how to access video features with AI intelligence and prime technologically innovation video and audio accessories.

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