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Pros & Cons of DIY Structured Cabling

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To DIY or not to DIY. That is the question many of us are asking, especially in this economy. Should we do it ourselves to save money? Or is doing it ourselves more expensive in the long run?

We ask ourselves this question in business, too. Should we design our own network or look for an affordable service provider? Should we try our hand at structured cable installation or hire a professional?

We're here to help you answer at least one of those questions – should you DIY structured cabling? Below, you'll find the pros and cons of each approach and our professional recommendations. But before we start, let's talk about structured cabling.

Understanding Structured Cabling

For those who may not know, structured cabling refers to the underlying infrastructure that connects computers, phones, and other devices in a network. It involves a series of organized wires, cables, and connectors that ensure data and information can flow freely without interruptions.

The Appeal of DIY Structured Cabling

Though very beneficial, structured cable solutions can be quite an undertaking, especially for small businesses. Doing it themselves can seem quite appealing. And, in many ways, it is!

Cost Savings

Professional cabling installations can be expensive due to labor costs. By doing the work yourself, you can eliminate these costs and invest in purchasing more affordable individual components and tools. This way, you can meet your structured cable needs without going over budget.

More Hands-On Customization

Every business or home is unique and may require specific cabling setups to function optimally. With DIY, you can tailor your cabling to meet your specific needs by choosing cable lengths, connectors, and routing. You have the freedom to design a functional and visually appealing solution.

Unique Learning Opportunities

DIY structured cabling can also be an excellent opportunity to learn and enhance your understanding of network infrastructure. Taking on this project can give you hands-on experience in wiring, crimping, testing, and troubleshooting your network cables. By completing this project yourself, you'll gain practical skills that will help you identify (and rectify) any potential issues.

The Hidden Challenges of DIY Structured Cabling

However, DIY structured cabling isn't all roses and sunshine. Attempting to do it without professional expertise comes with hidden challenges and downsides.

Complexity and Technical Knowledge

One of the main cons is the complexity and technical knowledge required for structured cabling. The intricacy of the cabling setup requires specific technical knowledge only an expert has. If you install something wrong, it'll result in connectivity losses or network disruptions.

Performance and Reliability

And downtime isn't your only risk. Improper cable installation can lead to slow connectivity, data loss, and performance issues, causing frustration and hampering productivity. And in a world where even milliseconds matter, those kinds of delays can be disastrous.

Compliance and Safety

Cable placement, grounding, and fire protection are crucial considerations that must be addressed correctly. Doing it yourself without knowing industry standards can be a safety hazard or may violate building codes and industry regulations.

Why Choose a Professional Structured Cabling Service like ElectroMedia

As you can see, DIY structured cable solutions might not be worth the risk. But there are quite a few benefits to choosing to use a professional. Here are our top three: [LB1]

More Expertise Due To More Experience

Professionals like Electromedia come equipped with decades of experience and the expertise to get the job done right the first time. We can design and implement complex cabling systems that ensure you and your employees have the bandwidth to work smoothly and communicate well. We're also up to date on the latest industry-standard knowledge and best practices, so you know your cabling infrastructure is compliant from the start.

Efficiency and Time Savings

When you hire professional structured cabling services like ours, you pay for our knowledge, expertise, and skills. This means that you're not only getting a reliable system but one that's installed in a fraction of the time it would take with a DIY approach. Professional cabling installers have the necessary tools and resources to expedite the process without sacrificing connection quality.

Long-Term Reliability

A professional structured cable installer (hey, that's us!) ensures their systems are built to last. Unlike DIY installations, professionally designed and deployed systems provide better scalability and flexibility for future expansions or changes. Plus, we label everything, so there's never a question of what cables belong to what components.

Ready For Professionally Structured Cables? You're Ready for ElectroMedia

Our team has all the certifications[LB2]to give you the network of your dreams! Whether you're trying to increase system performance, decrease downtime, or reduce overhead, our system designers can do it. All you have to do is pick up the phone and ask. Or send us an email; we're not picky.

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