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We Make Peace Of Mind A Piece Of Cake with Security & Access Solutions!

From design and installation of custom systems to service and upgrades of existing systems, ElectroMedia’s Certified System Designers and Techs deliver seamless, cutting-edge, tech to keep you safe today, and tomorrow! 

Protect Your Business Today With ElectroMedia's Security Solutions!

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Of businesses with security systems in place are less likely to experience a break-in or burglary.

Be in the right 50% of that statistic and get secure with ElectroMedia today! 

Reduce Risk
Protection The Way You Need It 

Reduce Your Risk,
Protect Your People 

Whether you’re restricting access to a certain area or increasing safety for your entire business location, we have the security solutions to protect your valuable assets and employees.   

Video Surveillance

Reduce property crime with video surveillance that allows you to monitor and record activities on your business premises

Auto Lockdown

In the event of an emergency, all doors can be controlled from a single login and location – giving you control when you need it most

Access Control

Monitor and control who enters locations throughout your business and when – protecting your sensitive data, visitors, and employees

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Security Cameras

A Critical Part Of
Your Business Security 

Video surveillance is not just for big businesses, it’s a crucial part of a comprehensive security system for businesses of all sizes. Some say you can’t buy peace of mind - we disagree.  

Proactive Protection

Security cameras are a powerful deterrent for those with bad intentions. The likelihood of them getting caught because of your surveillance, however, makes them think twice about going forward with their plans.  

Aids In Prosecution

If they weren’t deterred by the presence of security cameras and you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary, there’s a better chance of apprehending the criminals involved when there is video evidence of their crime taking place. 

Customer & Employee Confidence 

When customers and employees see security cameras on the premises, it provides them with a sense of security. Knowing that your business is committed to ensuring the safety of others can foster trust and confidence.  

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Controled Access

Limited Access
Isn’t AlwaysA Bad Thing 

When your Wi-Fi is showing limited access, it can drive you crazy. But when it comes to business security, limited access is essential. We provide whatever you need, whether it’s safety and security at entries and exits with keypads or keeping important and sensitive information secure in protected areas with tokens and fobs.  


Automatic Police Contact 

With access controls, your system can be set to automatically alert police in the event of an emergency. 

Streamlined Entry & Exit 

Designate access or program an automatic door lock feature for simple control. No need for extra staff. 

Real-Time Monitoring 

Access live feeds of your business premises through a remote access feed for real-time information.  

Safety In Action
How They Can Be Used 

Security & Access System Use Cases

From specific security and safety to operational efficiency, there are many ways our Security & Access systems can be used to benefit businesses in any industry. 

Education & Campus Security 

Sending our kids off to school, whether pre-k, high school, or college, has gotten scarier. Surveillance and security measures in schools and on campuses, whether preventing vandalism, violence, bullying, or unauthorized access, are absolutely essential in protecting what we value most. 


Employee Safety & Behavior 

We want to keep our employees safe but that doesn’t always mean from criminals. Sometimes, they need to be kept safe from the work environment itself. Monitoring potential hazards, rule compliance, and safety protocols can prevent unnecessary issues from arising. 

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Protect Your Business Today

With Electro Media’s Security Solutions!

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