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Next Gen Networks Built For Your Needs

You can rely on ElectroMedia’s experienced Network Engineers to build you the next-gen data network of your dreams at a price point that won’t break the bank! You get secure, high-performance connectivity where you need it and how you want it.  

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Great Organizations Need
Great Networks 

Network Infrastructure... More Like Works Of Art 

Sleek, Simple, Scalable - It’s
Time For A Future-Ready Network 

Traditional infrastructures can’t keep up with the demands of a growing business. We listen and pay close attention to your needs to deliver a next gen data network that leverages your existing assets, simplifies your data management, and is ready for future growth and emerging technologies. mployees.   

Network Security

A secure data network is critical. We give you router and firewall configuration, managed switch installation, and much more

Gigabits Speed

ElectroMedia certified engineers and installers design and install CAT6, CAT6a, and Coax for Gigabit Ethernet. Speeds that finally keep up

Data Protection

We prevent messy wires from becoming nightmares with organization standards, that make mistakes less likely, and data safer

Wireless mobility

We design and install solutions needed to support and unify all network operations across wireless, wired, and LAN/WAN networks.  

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Why Data Networks With EM? 

You Can’t Get By With
The Same Old Anymore 

Technology will keep changing whether you’re ready for it or not. Choosing Data Networks that keep you future-ready is an investment that will pay dividends. It’s the only way to stay ahead of competitors and at the forefront of technology. 


You get all the information and applications you need from the electronics that make up a robust network.  


A simpler and efficient network with only the network assets you need means everyone is more productive. 


Teams collaborate seamlessly when secure connections and network performance aren’t issues anymore. 

Take Control Of Your Network

We Give You The Control You Need For Business Success 

Business success doesn’t just mean the bottom line. Network electronics and the data network they make up provide access to the applications that drive your company. This means protecting your network is just as important as landing that big client or closing that big sale. We give you the resources you need to control your network and keep your business secure and successful. 

Firewall Configuration

A firewall is the front line protection for your network. Firewall configuration is a security measure that puts network control in your hands so you can manage network traffic and proactively protect your company assets and data. Prevent leakages, cyberattacks, viruses, eliminate spyware and implement more robust security features when necessary. 

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Managed switch install

Get network access to all your router settings and configure it to meet your specific business needs and optimize your network performance. With a managed switch, you can configure your settings remotely, monitoring your network, controlling how data travels over your it, and allowing or disallowing users access to specific data.  

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