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Get The Phone System & Equipment That’s Right For You!

How Our Systems Benefit you

The Benefits Are Endless
Just Like Our Expert Our Support 

There are so many ways to communicate today, it’s hard to know what you need and how these tools benefit you, especially when comparing one option to another. We can help you decide on the right system for your business specifically. The good news, whichever option you choose, we make our solutions easy to implement and help elevate your business! 


Our Certified Project Managers help you avoid the overwhelm and work with you to learn your unique business needs to design a phone system tailored just for you.  

On Site
Phone Systems 

Simple office phone, or full PBX with advanced features, our System Engineers will measure your on site needs and get you a proposal that’s easy to understand.  

Cloud Hosted

Phone Systems 

Everything but the phone itself is hosted off-site, giving you the advantages of having a cloud-based phone system while still getting an expert local support team. 

Automation & Integration 

We give you the automations and integrations for your phone system that optimize your day to day by increasing productivity and efficiency for your team of superstars. 

Customer Contact Center 

With a clean and intuitive interface, our feature rich Contact Center solution delivers advanced capabilities, expanding on basic call center functionality for a next level CX. 

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Electromedia Future Proofs Your Business 

We Bring You The Cutting Edge Of Phone Technology 

ElectroMedia gives you the communication tech that simplifies your life and streamlines your business. As your local all-in-one solutions provider, we always have your back with our 24/7 routine maintenance and 3-hour Emergency Response Time.  

Phones & Handsets 

The Hardware You Need – The Experts To Back It up 

ElectroMedia carries the latest high-tech SIP and VoIP phones and accessories for your business. We have an extensive line of feature-reach, intuitive, and cutting-edge options to give you everything you need for stellar communications.  

Reliable System Stability  

Uninterrupted communications with a trusted communications infrastructure that operates smoothly, making for seamless connectivity and dependability. 

Scalable For Future Expansions 

Our phones are designed to adapt to your evolving needs. They offer scalability allowing you to easily add new users, locations, and features as your business grows.  

Conferencing Capabilities 

Superior audio quality, intuitive controls, and seamless integration with conferencing platforms make for productive team collaboration and great customer experiences. 

Optimizing Operating Speed 

Responsive interfaces and lightning-fast performance allow your team to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, making your communication easy and effective. 

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The Future Of Communications 

We Give You What You Need To Elevate! 

You deserve to be at the cutting edge of technology in this digital age, seamlessly driving your business into the future of communications and technology. ElectroMedia provides the tech, solutions, and support you need to get there.  

The Tech You Need 

Our high-tech phones feature Optima Voice technology, combining cutting-edge hardware and software with wideband technology for maximum acoustic experience and unmatched performance. We keep up with technology to keep you ahead.  

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An empty desk populated only by technology and disappointment.

The Support you Deserve 

ElectroMedia has been in the telecom industry for decades, growing and adapting with technology. We take that experience and give you around the clock support and quick emergency response times because we care, and you deserve it. 

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Ring Ring... It’s For You! 

Looking for PBXs, SIP Trunks or a Hosted option? We’ve got you! We can give you everything you need and have ever wanted in a SIP Phone. Our Hosted Phone Systems are completely plug and play - really, we have any option you’re looking for so just fill out the form and we can set you up the way you want! 

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