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There’s An Art And Science To Great Video & Audio Solutions

You can get a “complete” AV system off the shelf of some warehouse from anyone. ElectoMedia knows the art and science of a great system and that’s what we deliver. We don’t just install a system, we take note of who will operate it, who the system is for, and the space it’s needed. Only after that’s done, do we design and install a complete system to fit your specific needs. 

Audio & Video System
Audio & Video Systems 

Don’t Just Make Do,
Make An Impact! 

We work with you to pair you with exactly what you need. Looking for a complete system? Great! Just need an audio system? Sounds good. Only looking for video solutions? No problem! We always find solutions to meet your needs.

Large Multiparty HD Video Calls 

An AI-powered camera allows everyone to be in the frame at once and voice tracking automatically switches between active speakers for an immersive meeting. 

Feature-Rich Video Bar 

From auto framing to crystal clear audio, our video conferencing solution makes it a go to for meetings big or small, fun, or important and time sensitive. 

An Impactful Experience 

Create a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll make an impact, and make people remember your business for the attention you give to their experience, starting with the audio.  

Custom Design 

We don’t just sell you a system, we provide you with a custom solution, specially designed to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Paging Systems 

No More Unintelligible Audio or High-Pitched Squeals That Ruin Your Message 

We design and install a PA system for your specific needs or service your existing system. From instant and reliable communication across large areas to getting critical information out in emergency situations, PA systems are useful in all sorts of ways – but only if they work the way they should.  

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 We can save you from 

  • Feedback Issues 

  • Background Noise 

  • Howls and Squeals 

  • Changing Audio Levels 

  • Unintelligible Paging 

  • And So Much More! 

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Thinking About It?

Complete The Form
And Get Started Today! 

Have questions about our services or a project? Ready to get started now? Reach out via the form and one of our Certified System Designers will get back to you! 

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The Wide World Of Tech 

So Much Tech,
So Many Use Cases! 


Video Conferencing – Use Case 

Even though many employers are calling their workforce back to the office in some capacity, remote work isn’t going anywhere. Businesses that depend on collaboration but offer remote work models can leverage the advancements in video conferencing technology and create an immersive virtual environment for important company meetings and team collaborations. 


Paging System – Use Case 

“Code Blue Room 204”. In hospitals and other medical settings, paging systems are used to quickly convey critical information to hospital staff. From life and death situations like announcing codes to general messages like administrative information, hospital PA systems have wide use and are an integral part of communication within a care environment.  

Customer Testimonial

We Don't Like To Brag. We Let Our Customers Do That For Us


"Their technicians & staff did a wonderful job installing the system... I highly recommend Electromedia for all your telecommunication needs." 

Julie Trethewey 

System Admin, OSMC 


"Their knowledge & expertise make them easy to work with & very responsive to our needs & issues. We would highly recommend ElectroMedia as a good business partner." 

Rob Cripe 

Vice President, TurtleTop 

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